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  • CAS numbers require hyphens (formaldehyde is 50-00-0 not 50000 or 50 00 0)
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More than 600 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published by LRI investigators since the ACC research program began in 1999. LRI strongly encourages publication of research results by its investigators so that the findings are open and available to all.

The LRI Peer-Reviewed Publications Database is designed as a search tool to provide ready access to these publications. The database also contains citation information, including keywords and article abstracts, that are available from online bibliographic databases, such as MEDLINE® on PubMed® or from the publication itself.

To perform a search:

1. Enter your key words in the Search Term field
2. Select a field from the Search Field menu
3. Click on the Search button
4. To view the Abstract for a listed article, simply click on the reference text